Content Market

Content Market

At the International Drama Festival in TOKYO, developments are made in the participation in many countries prominent content markets, as well as business such as creating networking opportunities between participants and promoting Japanese content.
In recent years, television programs are being actively distributed internationally, however Japanese programs are still lagging behind in terms of distribution, despite boasting a world leading level of quality. There are many reasons for this, but the main cause is due to the fact that there is a deficiency in PR for Japanese content in global content markets. Unlike other countries, Japan does not hold national events, nor exhibits large scale national pavilion booths, so its impact as a country is weakened.
Due to the circumstances described above, PR initiatives for “Japanese content” are being developed for the rest of the world together with NHK, commercial TV stations and contents holders at the International Drama Festival in TOKYO for the two international contents trade markets below.

Award event development at MIPCOM
(The world’s largest international content market,
held every year in October in Cannes, France)

Since 2009, the “MIPCOM Buyers’ Award for Japanese Drama”, at which mainly U.S. and European influential international buyers judge Japanese dramas, have been implemented as an official MIPCOM event, with an awards ceremony have held which gathers buyers during MIPCOM, increasing the awareness of high-quality Japanese drama.
In addition to the awards ceremony, “J-CREATIVE PARTY”, an event to promote Japan’s appeal was created in 2013, pressing home the idea of “Cool Japan” to overseas buyers by including other non-drama related Japanese content such as format rights, and Japanese food-based hospitality. This event gathered a large number of buyers.


(MIPCOM is the world’s largest international content market,
held every year in October in Cannes, France)


(In 2015, we implemented “J-CREATIVE PARTY” and promoted “Cool Japan” to overseas buyers.)

MIPCOM Buyers' Award for Japanese Drama Winners

2015 THE EMPEROR'S COOK TBS Television, Inc.
2014 Time Never Stops TV Asahi Corp.
2013 Woman - My Life for My Children - Nippon Television Network Corp.
2012 The Locked Room Murders Fuji Television Network, Inc.
2011 Threads of Our Hearts NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
2010 JIN TBSTelevision Inc.
2009 AISHITERU - KAIYO - Nippon Television Network Corp.

Development of the “Japan Pavilion” at ATF
(Asia TV Forum: An international content market which represents Asia,
held every year in December in Singapore)

At ATF, Japanese contents holders have worked together since 2010, establishing the first “Japanese Pavilion” for Japanese television operators, expanding on a yearly basis.
The biggest advantage of the national pavilion style is that it attracts buyers by prominently displaying “Japanese content”. The pavilion, which can be recognized as representing “Japan” even from afar, has the great effect of pulling in buyers who have an interest in Japanese content, in addition to being a place in which information regarding Japanese content can be collected all in one place, creating a situation in which it is easy for buyers to stop by.
In 2014, 18 companies exhibited at the Japan Pavilion


(Japan Pavillion 2014)