Festival 2018/Foreign Dramas
Special Awards for Foreign Drama
<Taiwan> A Boy Named Flora A
Sud Kaen Saen Rak
Broadcaster TTV /GTV/PTS
Production Company Q Place Creative Inc
Oxygen Film
Broadcast Period May 26 - July 7,2017
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
120 mins. x 7 episodes
Director Yu-Ning Chu
Gia Lee
Scriptwriter Pi-ying Yang
Han-Jie Wu
Chun-Chieh Chan
Fu-min Yang
Cast Crowd Lu
Chin-Jung Kan
Vera Yen
Chen-Nan Tsai
Alex Ko
Kuan-Ting Liu
Shao-hua Lung
Heaven Hai
Cammy Chiang
Awards :

- Golden Melody Awards -
 Song of the Year / Best Single Producer

- 53rd Golden Bell Awards -
 Best Television Series
 Crowd Lu / Best New Actor/Actress in a Television Series
 Crowd Lu / Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series
 Kuan-Ting Liu / Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Television Series

This TV drama created a stir in late 2017, followed by a hit movie adaptation in the spring of 2018.

 "A Boy Named Flora A" is a family drama by talented director Yu Ning Chu, three-time winner of the highest honor in Taiwanese television awards, the Golden Bell Award.

 This drama created a stir both in Taiwan and internationally, receiving high viewer ratings and a movie adaption.

 Acted by singer Crowd Lu with a natural, comical touch, the unsuccessful Hua-jia brings out the true charm of this drama. Crowd Lu was also responsible for the theme song of the drama, winning both Song of the Year and Best Single Producer at the Golden Melody Awards.

 Spoiled as a child, the 28-year-old Hua-jia never quite grew up, and has lived a lazy life since. But one day, upon hearing his grandmother is in critical condition, he returns to his hometown.

 His family mourns for the grandmother, thinking she has breathed her last-- when suddenly she begins breathing again, remaining in a comatose state. In the ensuing fuss, relatives gather from near and far, and family concerns and conflicts begin to be revealed. Will the grandmother wake again? What will be the fate of Hua-jia's family?

 Grandmother and grandson, father and son, nephew and uncle... Depicting the drama of each family relationship, "A Boy Named Flora A" is a moving work filled with both laughter and tears.
Broadcaster FOX Turkey
Production Company MEDYAPIM & MF YAPIM
Broadcast Period October 24,2017
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
120 mins. x 32 episodes
(season 1)
Director Merve Girgin
Nadim Guc
Ece Erdek Kocoglu
Scriptwriter Hande Altayl?
Cast Ozge Ozpirincci
Ayca Erturan
Caner Cindoruk
Ece Ozdikici
Bennu Y?ld?r?mlar
Feyyaz Duman
Seray Kaya
Ahu Yagtu
Information :

 This is a remake of the Nippon Television Network drama "Woman." The drama gained high praise throughout its run, and most of episodes have landed the number one viewer rating in Turkey. The heroine Bahar is played by talented actress Ozge Ozpirincci, who has won awards such as the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Comedy Actress.

 With a talented cast and crew, this Turkish drama is a remake of the Japanese television drama "Woman."

 MEDYAPIM & MF YAPIM, the makers of "Woman," have previously created a stir with remakes of works focused on women, such as the Japanese drama "Mother." "Woman" gained high praise throughout its 32 episodes, and landed the number one viewer rating in Turkey.

 Bahar is a single mother who loves her children with all her heart and would sacrifice even herself for their sake. Acted with fierce passion by Ozge Ozpirincci, she is a warm and loving mother, yet also carries a darkness in her heart from her youth.

 Abandoned by her mother at a young age, Bahar loses both her father and grandmother and begins to believe that she is truly alone in this world. She then meets Sarp and falls deeply in love with him. But, after a happy marriage, and a daughter and a son on the way, Sarp dies in a tragic accident.

 In the midst of Bahar's grief, her mother and her new family start living in the neighborhood. However, life has unexpected surprises in store for her. Upon finding out the truth about her beloved Sarp, how will she face the fate before her?

 "Woman" portrays the lives of women as they struggle to survive. Don't miss this exciting new Turkish production!
<Vietnam> Hidden Name
Hidden Name
Broadcaster HTV
Production Company TFS
Broadcast Period July 3 - September 25,
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
45 min x 37 episodes
Director Vu Thai Hoa
Scriptwriter Bao Chau
Hong Ngoc
Cast Huynh Truong Thinh
Xuan Van
Thanh Truc
Thanh Vy
Awards / Information :

- 2017 National drama festival -
 silver medal
- 2017 Best actress award -
 Xuan Van
- 2017 Golden Kites Award -
 Best drama

This drama caused a great stir upon its broadcast, and gained popularity through social media among generations across the board.

 This is a dramatization of the Vietnamese novel "Closed Heart," which depicts the psychology of Vietnamese society.

 Gaining overwhelming approval across generations, this drama created a stir from the beginning of its broadcast, and went on to receive a prestigious Golden Kite Award (second place), and a Silver Medal at the National Drama Festival.

 The drama tells the story of Di, a young girl struggling to live despite the whims of fate. Her portrayal by talented actress Xuan Van won the Vietnamese Best Actress Award in 2017. Thanks to the phenomenon stirred up by this drama, fellow cast members have subsequently starred in numerous films and dramas since.

 Having been falsely imprisoned for a crime, Di finishes her sentence and begins working as a helper in a villa owned by Mrs. Mai. From the pain of lost love to tangled social relationships, the family members living in the villa each carry a deep darkness in their hearts.

 Di's job is to care for Mrs. Mai, who suffers from depression. Yet upon Di's arrival at the villa, eerie events begin to occur. Who is the ghost that appears in the villa? Why are the hearts of this family shrouded in darkness? As she pursues the truth, Di discovers the secret of her own birth, and reveals the mysteries behind Mrs. Mai's family.

 From young generations to old, this drama enraptured audiences across the board. The complex, shocking story it weaves across three generations of family members will leave your heart trembling.