Festival 2019/Japanese Dramas
Series Drama
(The Grand Prix)
Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom
Production Rights NIPPON TV
Production Cooperation AXON
Broadcast Period January 6 - March 10, 2019
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
55 min x 10 episodes
Chief Producer Norihiko Nishi
Producer Yuta Fukui
Director Naoko Komuro
Yuma Suzuki
Itaru Mizuno
Scriptwriter Shogo Muto
Cast Masaki Suda
Mei Nagano
Ryota Katayose
Rina Kawaei
Moka Kamishiraishi
Riku Hagiwara
Mio Imada
Kohei Otomo
Seiichi Tanabe
Kippei Shiina
Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom
 The main character Ibuki Hiiragi is an art teacher who came to Kaio High School two years ago. It is ten days before graduation and the students' high school days are about to come to an end uneventfully--or so it seemed.
 Suddenly, Mr.Hiiragi gathers his 29 students and says, "From this moment, you are my hostages."
 The initial blank look on everyone's faces turns into glares. Some get up to go home, but Mr.Hiiragi, their homeroom teacher, has installed a special lock on the door. Suddenly, an explosion happened in the hallway. Mr.Hiiragi had placed the bomb, and now Class A is completely isolated as a result of the damage. In an instant, the teacher-student relationship turns into a criminal-hostage relationship.
 This is the beginning of their "final class," which is about the truth behind the suicide of their classmate Reina Kageyama a few months ago. With no suicide note or last words, the school's star student suddenly left this world. She was a champion swimmer whose reputation was suddenly destroyed by doping allegations, which led to her peers distancing themselves from her. She was even ignored by the class president Sakura Kayano, who was a close friend. Mr.Hiiragi instructs everyone to find the answer to why their classmate committed suicide. They have until 8 pm, and if they are wrong, someone will die. He chooses Sakura to deliver the answer, and she claims that her cold treatment was the reason for the suicide. Mr.Hiiragi knew from Reina that this was not true. The answer is wrong, so someone must be sacrificed. One teacher holds 29 students hostage and makes them face the truth about something they all put a lid and turned their backs on. Why did their classmate suddenly commit suicide? Why did the teacher decide to take such a sensational approach to conducting his final class?
  A teacher's final class becomes the stage for a chain reaction between the mysterious details surrounding the incident. Depicted within ten days, this time-limited drama series highlights people who are dying to live. A shocking school mystery beyond anyone's expectations! Until the truth is unveiled, nobody can graduate.
An Invisible Cradle
Production Rights NHK
(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Production Company NHK Enterprises
Broadcast Period July 20 - September 21, 2018
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
43min 30sec x 10 episodes
(Final Ep. 48min)
The Original by Bakka Okita
"An Invisible Cradle Obstetrics
 RN in Training"
Chief Producer Takashi Suzaki
Ren Takahashi
Director Takeshi Shibata
Naoki Murahashi
Haruka Kashima
Scriptwriter Naoko Adachi
Cast Kaya Kiyohara
Koji Seto
Wakana Sakai
Shono Hayama
Asami Mizukawa
Mieko Harada
An Invisible Cradle
 A young trainee nurse learns the reality of childbirth.
 On her first day at a small OB-GYN clinic, 17-year-old trainee nurse Aoi is thrust into the surgery room, and witnesses an abortion. Here, death is not uncommon, and there is more to the job than beautiful deliveries and welcoming families. With guidance from the experienced staff and head doctor, Aoi faces the joys of new life as well as the sobering reality of unwanted pregnancies and provides emotional support to the mothers-to-be with exceptional sensibility and innate kindness.
Production Rights TV Asahi Corporation
Production Cooperation GONEN D GUMI
Broadcast Period July 27 - September 14, 2018
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
60 min x 8 episodes
Original Idea Takayoshi Honda
General Producer Tetsuya Kuroda
Producer Kenji Yamada
Masaharu Ota
Director Jota Tsunehiro
Tomoyuki Takimoto
Scriptwriter Takayoshi Honda
Kazuki Kaneshiro
Tomoyuki Takimoto
Takeshi Aoshima
Yusuke Watanabe
Tomihiko Tokunaga
Cast Takayuki Yamada
Masaki Suda
Kumiko Aso
 What will happen to your data in your PC and smartphones when you are gone?
  Presently, personal devices like smartphones and PC store enormous amounts of information. They may store classified information at work, private bank account data, even photos of lovers and other inconvenient information that you would hesitate to show to anyone else. This drama is the first of its kind that deals with this very timely issue.
 Keishi Sakagami and Yutaro Mashiba's job is to delete all sensitive digital records of a client "secretly" after his or her death. But, whenever the two try to carry out their work, they get involved in problems because the only way to execute the client's request is to look into the client's life and pursue the hidden truth.
  The two young men, whose profession is to delete personal data of a deceased client, find out that in fact their work involves a lot more. Each time, the two tenaciously pursue and find out the buried truth in order to execute their job. ("dele" is a proofreader's mark indicating matters to be deleted)
Don't Forget Me
Production Rights TBS Television
Broadcast Period October 12 - December 14,2018
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
75 min x 2 episodes
60 min x 8 episodes
Producer Masako Miyazaki
Atsushi Satou
Director Fuminori Kaneko
Shingo Okamoto
Takayoshi Tanazawa
Scriptwriter Shizuka Ohishi
Yoko Izumisawa
Cast Erika Toda
Takeshi Tomizawa
Yousuke Sugino
Haruka Kinami
Teppei Koike
Tomoka Kurokawa
Yoko Natsuki
Tamiyo Kusakari
Masahiro Matsuoka
Don't Forget Me
 Nao Kitazawa, 34, leads a busy but fulfilling life as a doctor at a women's clinic and as fiancee to an elite psychiatric physician, Yuchi Ihara. With their wedding day a month off, Nao is preparing to move into a new home when she meets Shinji Mamiya, a struggling writer who works part-time as a mover and falls inexorably in love with him. The fateful encounter compels Nao to follow her heart and experience true love. Overwhelmed by Nao's passion, Shinji soon falls for her as well, but their budding romance is threatened by the tragic discovery that Nao has early onset Alzheimer's. What unfolds is a story of pure love. As Nao's symptoms worsen, Shinji spends the next ten years giving Nao mental and health support even as she begins to lose the precious memories they both shared.
What Did You Eat Yesterday?
Production Rights "What Did You Eat Yesterday?" Production Committee
Production Cooperation: TV TOKYO / Shochiku Co., Ltd.
Broadcast Period April 5 - June 28, 2019
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
40 min × 12 episodes
The Original "What Did You Eat Yesterday?"
by Fumi Yoshinaga
Chief Producer Masashi Abe (TV TOKYO)
Producer Taku Matsumoto (TV TOKYO)
Rina Sobue (TV TOKYO)
Atsushi Sato
Mariko Seto
Director Kazuhito Nakae
Katsumi Nojiri
Kenji Katagiri
Scriptwriter Naoko Adachi
Cast Hidetoshi Nishijima
Seiyo Uchino
Hayato Isomura
Misako Tanaka
Toshihiro Yashiba
Ryosei Tayama
Kotaro Shiga
Koji Yamamoto
Meiko Kaji
What Did You Eat Yesterday?
 The original is "What Did You Eat Yesterday?" by Fumi Yoshinaga, a manga artist with many masterpieces such as "Ooku: The Inner Chambers" and "Antique Bakery". This book comic is a visualization of a very popular work that has exceeded 5 million copies (including electronic version), and is still in the weekly morning series currently. The work depicts the daily life and dining table of a couple of men living in a 2LDK apartment. The style of drawing the themes of universal resonance, such as aging and families, while dealing with the conflict and difficulty of living of same-sex couples, received extensive support. In addition, the skillful casting without damaging the original image helps gain popularity as well.
 Shiro Kakei (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is a hired lawyer who works at a small law firm in the city. Shiro's daily routine is to leave the office on time, then head to a discount supermarket nearby and make dinner with carefully examined ingredients. Shiro goes home after shopping and prepares dinner neatly. The hairdresser Kenji Yabuki (Seiyo Uchino) is on his way home where he will be immersed in a sense of fulfillment by the sight of the dishes on the table. The two spending a peaceful time around a happy dining table are lovers who call each other "Shiro-san" and "Kenji". It is a story about the bittersweet and warm daily life of a couple of men who live together and their daily dining table.
Single Drama
(The Grand Prix)
As a Father of murderer son
Production Rights TV TOKYO
Production Cooperation TBS SPARKLE
Broadcast Period September 21, 2018
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
138 min × 1 episode
The Original "As a Father of murderer son"
by Gaku Yakumaru
Chief Producer Hideki Inada
Producer Yuta Kurachi
Jyunko Arai
Syouichi Kato
Director Ayuko Tsukahara
Scriptwriter Mutsumi Yamamoto
Cast Koichi Sato
Yuki Amami
Rairu Sugita
Naho Toda
Mikako Ichikawa
Koji Yamamoto
Norito Yashima
Ken Yasuda
Toru Nakamura
Tsutomu Yamazaki
As a Father of murderer son
 "How do you face when your child is charged with murder?"
 The first TV drama based on a novel of the same title, "As a Father of murderer son" by Gaku Yakumaru who won the 37th The Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New Writers. It is a suspense story depicting a father whose 14-year-old son was suddenly arrested for murder. He was confused and upset, but gradually confronted his son and approached the "truth" of the incident. Did his son really commit murder? What is the "darkness" that resides in his mind? And what is the shocking truth behind the incident? The story also deals with controversial themes such as "juvenile delinquency" and "atonement" that are difficult to pick up in recent TV dramas.
  Keiichi Yoshinaga (Koichi Sato), who works for a major construction company receives a sudden phone call from his ex-wife, Junko Aoba (Naho Toda). She tells Keiichi that their second son, Tsubasa (Rairu Sugita), who lives apart, has been arrested for murdering his classmate. Keiichi immediately meets Tsubasa, but for some reason he keeps silence. Since Tsubasa shows no signs of reflecting upon his conduct, he is possibly going to an open trial. To overcome this situation, Keiichi consults a lawyer Kyoko Kanzaki (Yuki Amami) who has a child of the same age.

 Koichi Sato passionately plays the key role of Shinichi Yoshinaga, the father, and the hero who suffers. Yuki Amami plays a supporting role as Kyoko Kanzaki, a lawyer who persevered in defending Tsubasa and Keiichi. Additionally, the drama includes gorgeous casts, namely Naho Toda, Mikako Ichikawa, Koji Yamamoto, Norito Yashima, Susumu Terashima, Ken Yasuda, Toru Nakamura, Tsutomu Yamazaki. They are all in support of the mission of the drama.
 The production team features a screenwriter, Mutsumi Yamamoto (the writer of "Yae's Sakura," "Gegege's Wife,"" Konodori") who has a reputation for profound emotional depiction, and an emerging director Ayuko Tsukahara (the director of" GRAND MAISON TOKYO" "Unnatural" and the movie "Cafe Funiculi Funicula". It is a story that incorporates both serious social issues and entertaining elements.
 This drama is produced as TV Tokyo 55th anniversary special project.
NHK Special Phone Fraud Children
Production Rights NHK
(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Broadcast Period March 23, 2019
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
90 min × 1 eposode
Chief Producer Akashi Yoshinaga
Makoto Higashino
Director Takeshi Kawakami
Scriptwriter Ryo Takada
Cast Aoi Nakamura
Koki Osamura
Hikaru Takahashi
Ao Watanabe
Takayuki Hamatsu
Maki Sakai
Issey Ogata
Kaori Momoi
NHK Special Phone Fraud Children
 Phone Fraud Children is an original drama based on the testimonies of over 20 minors nationwide who were arrested committing phone fraud as "ukeko" (receivers) or "kakeko" (callers).
 Set in Nagoya, Japan in 2019, it begins with Mitsuyo, an elderly woman who lives alone. She receives a phone call from a girl who pretends to be her daughter, asking for money. Having experienced fraud a few years before, Mitsuyo immediately calls the police and helps arrange the arrest of a 14-year-old receiver named Kazuto. Kazuto worked with a caller named Daisuke and a lookout named Toyama. Having grown up in the same poor neighborhood, Daisuke and Toyama believed that phone fraud was an honorable way to recover the "dead money" of wealthy elderly people and return it to the society. Believing underage receivers like Kazuto to be expendable, they made a killing in their scams.
 Not long after Kazuto's arrest, Toyama gets arrested. Daisuke attends Toyama's trial to make sure that he doesn't talk. Then Mitsuyo appears as a witness. Listening to her testimony, Daisuke is astonished to learn that she was deceived years ago by his fraud call, which resulted in her husband killing himself in shame.
 Daisuke finally realizes that phone fraud robs people not only of money, but also family bonds and even their lives.
Production Rights NHK
(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Broadcast Period August 14 - 16, 2018
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
59 min x 3 episodes
The Original "Mangan"
By Honobu Yonezawa
Chief Producer Yuzo Demizu
Naoyuki Nakano
Producer Masashi Masuoka
Director Mantou/Koji Hagiuda
Yakei/Hideo Sakaki
Mangan/Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
Scriptwriter Mantou/Tetsuya Oishi
Yakei/Tetsuya Oishi
Mangan/Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
Cast The first night "Mantou"
Hidetoshi Nishijima
Koen Kondo
The second episode "Yakei"
Ken Yasuda
Toru Baba
The third story "Mangan"
Kengo Kora
Mikako Ichikawa
Susumu Terajima
 "Mantou" "Yakei"and "Mangan" 3 stories on 3 consecutive nights, based on a bestselling short mystery anthology masterpiece. Mangan by Honobu Yonezawa, which won him 3 book awards in 2014. This trilogy is a mystery drama with the main characters undergoing conflicts at life-changing crossroads in an unvarnished style of story-telling . The first night "Mantou" is a story of a business man, Itami, whose company is engaged in gas field developments in Southeast Asia. However, the construction of the plant falls through, and Itami, in a remote area, steps into a terrible crime and falls into darkness. The second episode, "Yakei", is a mystery about a police officer who dies on duty while protecting a civilian. His boss who feels distrust of the incident uncovers an unforeseen truth. The third story "Mangan" is about Fujii, a young lawyer whose defendant, on trial for murder, happens to be a former boarding house landlady from his college days. The sentence could be probation if she simply files an appeal, because she was forced by the murder victim to have a sexual relationship for her debts. But she withdraws the appeal after her husband dies.
Les Miserables
Production Rights Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Broadcast Period January 6, 2019
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
174 min x 1 episode
The Original "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo
Chief Producer Dai Ota
Producer Yusuke Noda
Director Michiko Namiki
Scriptwriter Hideya Hamada
Cast Dean Fujioka
Arata Iura
Mizuki Yamamoto
Ryo Yoshizawa
Nijiro Murakami
Kaya Kiyohara
Kohei Matsushita
Kyoko Hasegawa
Eiji Okuda
Les Miserables
 This feature drama, produced to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Fuji TV, is an adaptation of Victor Hugo's classic masterpiece Les Miserables set in the 1990s in Japan.
 In Kobe in 1993, Jun Baba gets taken to a juvenile prison due to a killing of a man who cheated his mother out of all her money in self-defense. One day, he hears that his younger brother, who has been desperately ill, is in a critical condition and breaks out. However, he finds out his brother is already dead. In the depth of despair, he tries to kill himself but is saved by a man who runs a self-support facility. He begins to live at the place, and befriends with Takumi Watanabe aspiring to be a lawyer. In 1995, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake hits and their friendship comes to an end. Crushed under the debris, Takumi persuades Jun to live his life instead. Jun swears to live on assuming Takumi's identity.
 Meanwhile, Ryosuke Saito, the son of the man that Jun has killed, finds his life turns dramatically.
 Bound together by fate, the two meet in Tokyo in 2004, as a lawyer and a police detective. Getting along with each other, Ryosuke finds out that Takumi is actually Jun, his father's murderer. Ryosuke tries but fails to catch Jun, and the story follows Jun living a hidden life in the countryside of Fukushima in 2019.
 The long journey of the two men, as a fugitive and a pursuer, is about to end here.
 With atonement and forgiveness as its themes, this story illuminates the lives of some seventeen people, focusing on the two men who lived through these turbulent 30 years.
Local Drama Award
Reviving the Round Rice Cakes
Production Rights NHK Nagasaki Station
Broadcast Period February 6, 2019
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
59 min × 1 episode
Chief Producer Ken-ichi Yamanaka
Director Rei Sato
Scriptwriter Shuko Arai
Cast Shihori Kanjiya
Ken-ichi Endo
Fumie Kashiyama
Neru Nagahama
Chinu Izumi
Tomoya Maeno
Karen Miyazaki
Gan Tanaka
Masaya Kikawada
Reviving the Round Rice Cakes
 Personal passion and perseverance, a city outsider clashing with provincial pride, tasty traditional confections... This intracultural human drama produced by NHK Nagasaki is based on real events that occurred in Shimabara, an old castle town in southwest Japan.
 The residents love the local summer delicacy called "kanzarashi" -soft round rice cakes in honey-flavored syrup produced with pure local spring water. As part of a national scheme to revitalize local areas and promote tourism, the city invites a Tokyo couple to revive a famous kanzarashi store that closed 20 years ago. But only the wife, Mizuki, appears. She's determined to fulfill the mission, even though she's never tasted kanzarashi.
 An easygoing city official called Kenichi Hatta has just taken over charge of the project. Though eager to support Mizuki, he has the annoying habit of talking more than he acts, often saying,"No worries! It'll work out."
 The much-delayed revival is way behind schedule, the mayor's making unreasonable demands, the locals are unwilling to help the Tokyoite, and the part-time worker is crafty... Will Mizuki be able to overcome all these obstacles to restore the delicious delicacy?
Nameton'ka -The Story of Yashiki Takajin
Production Rights Kansai Television Co. Ltd.
Broadcast Period November 20, 2018
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
120 min x 1 episode
Producer Yasuhiko Kimura
Takumi Sano
Director Yasuhiko Kimura
Scriptwriter Tomonobu Fujita
Cast Taro Suruga
Yuri Nakamura
Shunsuke Daito
Tomomitsu Yamaguchi
Kazuhiko Nishimura
Akira Ishida
Satoru Matsuo
Eri Murakawa
Yoko Akino
All Kyojin
Mothers 2017 - The pregnant homeless women
 Yashiki Takajin, who is known as a "King of High Viewer Ratings" in Kansai Region, and whose concert tickets are always sold out immediately, has been struggling in his early days in Kyoto.
 His dream, to be a singer, meets with an objection from his strict father. Takajin run away from home and moved from Osaka, his hometown to Kyoto. He leads a disordered life while working part-time at the hamburger store: cracking raw eggs on customer's heads or letting off fire extinguishers in the shop. On one of those days, he falls in love with Kyoko, an actress working in a bar in Gion. Takajin makes a song "Do you want a dream?" for her, and he makes his debut as a singer with this song. However, his records don't sell, and he has started to give up his dream. Takajin participates in a music festival as a last memory of a singer, but it comes to a turning point in his life. He wins a Grand Prix and makes a fresh start in Tokyo. However, he can't adapt to the new place, so he doesn't want to sing songs made in Tokyo. Takajin quit the label and returns to Osaka. In his hometown, a producer stimulated him to entertain the audience. To be a good talker, he buys a dozen video recorders and completely trains himself to improve his skill in talking. Finally, he is called as a "King of High Viewer Ratings". At the same time, Takajin produces a masterpiece, "Tokyo", being a great hit. Not only as a singer, but also as a TV personality, he is at the peak of his career, until that day comes suddenly...
Best Performance
by an Actor

Masaki Suda
Masaki Suda
"Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom"
Best Performance
by an Actress

Kaya Kiyohara
Kaya Kiyohara
"An Invisible Cradle"
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Best Performance
by an Actor in
a Supporting Role

Ryusei Yokohama
Ryusei Yokohama
"A Story to Read When You First Fall in Love"
TBS Television
Best Performance
by an Actress in
a Supporting Role

Haru Kuroki
Haru Kuroki
"Weakest Beast"

Best Screenplay

Naoko Adachi
Naoko Adachi
"An Invisible Cradle"
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)

"What Did You Eat Yesterday?"

Best Director

Yuichi Fukuda
Yuichi Fukuda
"From Today, It's My turn!!"
Theme Song Award

Kenshi Yonezu
milet"inside you"
Fuji Television Network, Inc