Festival 2019/Foreign Dramas
About the Special Awards for Foreign Dreams

Since 2007, we have invited outstanding foreign dramas and their creators or actors to the ceremony of Tokyo Drama Awards and given Special Awards for Foreign Dramas. Every year, at the judging committee, jurors recommend excellent foreign dramas with high quality which attract public attention or win major awards. Until 2018, we have awarded this prize to 39 programs from 10 countries and region.

Special Awards for Foreign Drama
<China> My True Friend
My True Friend
Broadcaster Dragon TV,Zhejiang TV
Production Company Shaanxi Culture Industry
Yida Media Co.,Ltd.
Broadcast Period May 19 - June 13, 2019
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
45 mins. x 48 episodes
Director Zhang Silin
Scriptwriter Mei Yingju
Cast Angelababy
Li Xiaofeng
Allen Deng
Li Xinyi
Zhu Yilong
Yao Anlian
Xu Di
Zhang Wanyi
Tan Kai
 Cheng Zhenzhen, an innocent and frank girl, is a new real estate agent of Love & Home Real Estate Agency. She suffers numerous setbacks at work and causes a lot of trouble to her colleagues. Moreover, her work partner Shao Pengcheng costantly gives her headache with his foppery and petty shrewdness.
 Despite the great differences in their attitudes towards work and life styles, the two get closer as time goes by. They witness many tears and laughters from a great number of families around housing. Cheng always manages to meet the requirements of her clients with her enthusiasm and candidness. Gradually Cheng and Shao fall in love with each other and learn to be responsible and brave in their work and life.
<Korea> The Fiery Priest
The Fiery Priest
Broadcaster SBS
(Seoul Broadcasting System)
Production Company Samhwa Networks
Broadcast Period February 15 - April 20, 2019
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
70 mins. x 20 episode
Director Myoungwoo Lee
Scriptwriter Jae-beom Park
Cast Nam gil Kim
Sung kyun Kim
Hanee Lee
Awards / Information :

- 46th Korean Broadcasting Awards (2019) -
 Best Short or Mid-Length Drama
- Seoul International Drama Awards (2019) -
 Non-Competition Category Excellent Korean Drama

 Hiding his past as an NIS agent, Hae-il becomes a priest with intermittent explosive disorder. He eventually causes trouble at the cathedral he was stationed at, and is sent to Gudam Cathedral in Gudam City. Thanks to his teacher Lee Young-jun, he settles down there.

 But Young-jun is killed in a mysterious accident and even ends up being framed while being pressured by local gangs over the sale of land. Infuriated, Haeil heads to the police station to intimidate them, but it has a reverse effect, and he carries out the investigation alone only to end up in a holding cell.

 After all this, Hae-il happens to find Young-jun's journal and learns that everyone is connected to the Gudam City Cartel (the borough chief, chief of police, congressmen, chief prosecutor, and Daebeom Trade's CEO Hwang Cheol-beom)and contacts the Vatican via a letter. The letter somehow works, and the investigation into Young-jun's death is reopened with Hae-il demanding that he take part. He goes after the Gudam Cartel with a detective appointed by the Cartel, who happens to be the worst detective in Gudam, Gu Dae-young.
<Thailand> Love Destiny
Love Destiny
Broadcaster Channel 3(33HD)
Production Company Broadcast Thai Television
Broadcast Period February 21 - April 11, 2018
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
150 mins x 15 episodes
Director Phawat Panangkasiri
Screenplay Salaya Sukanivatt
Cast Ranee Campen
Prama Imanotai
Tanawat Wattanaputi
Susira Angelina Naenna
Louis Scott
Kannarun Wongkajonklai
Awards / Information :

- The 10th Nataraja Awards 2019 -
 Best Drama/ Best Leading Actress/ Best Script/ Best Song
- The 33th TV Gold Awards 2019 -
 Best Drama/ Best Leading Actress/ Best Script/ Best Song/ Best Director/ Best Supporting Actor

 A mega hit popular across Asia, with the highest TV rating after Thailand Terrestrial Television switched to digital broadcasting in 2014.
 This romantic comedy, history and fantasy drama series popularized tourism in filming locations, dressing in Thai traditional costumes, and eating Thai cuisines such as grilled river prawn and the Portuguese-introduced sweet "Foi Thong."
 Its success is attributed to its elaborate screenplay, costumes and locations.

 This series is set in Ayuthaya in the reign of King Narai the Great (1656-1688) when the country opened to welcome foreigners.
 Gadesurang is a modern-day girl who travels back in time 300+ years after a car accident. She finds herself in the body of Garagade, a noble who lives with her father's best friend and family.
 Much to Gadesurang's dismay, Garagade is spoiled and evil. Everyone hates her except her two maids and adoptive uncle. Even her dearest betrothed Dej hates her and vows to stall their wedding as long as possible.
 Gadesurang does good deeds to rectify the damage done by Garagade, hoping to return to her modernday world.
 In the process, she slowly wins the love and admiration of the entire village, including Dej.