Festival 2020/Foreign Dramas
About the Special Awards for Foreign Dramas

Since 2007, we have invited outstanding foreign dramas and their creators or actors to the ceremony of Tokyo Drama Awards and given Special Awards for Foreign Dramas. Every year, at the judging committee, jurors recommend excellent foreign dramas with high quality which attract public attention or win major awards. Until 2019, we have awarded this prize to 42 programs from 10 countries and region.

Special Awards for Foreign Drama
<China> Serenade of Peaceful Joy
Serenade of Peaceful Joy
©Daylight Entertainment CO.,LTD
Broadcaster Hunan TV / Tencent
Broadcast Period April 7, 2020
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
45 min. x 69 episodes
Director ZHANG KaiZhou
Scriptwriter ZHU Zhu
Cast WANG Kai
BIAN Cheng
YE ZuXin
 An epic historical drama set in China's Northern Song Dynasty. It depicts the reign of Zhao Zhen, the fourth Northern Song emperor, and his conflicts as a human being, as well as the tragic love of his beloved daughter Zhao Huirou.
 At imperial court, the old type of the policy officials were diametrically opposed to the new policy officials of QingLi and the truggle was surging. Zhao Zhen devoted himself to the country. He governed the country with the theme of fair and weighed the power of all parties.
 Zhao Zhen learned that the Empress dowager Liu E who raised him was not his biological mother. And his biological mother was Li Lanhui, the queen's maidservant, he felt deeply guilty. To repay the Li family, Zhao Zhen married his beloved daughter Hui Rou to Li Wei, the nephew of the Li Lanhui.
 Hui Rou and her close servant HuaiJi, who grew up with her, have established a deep relationship. She rejected Li Wei who was discordant and mediocre, and finally argued with the Li family. Then she went back the palace.
 This is not only a serious crime that violates social norms, but also a major disturbance that destabilizes national politics.
 How the state power will be since in face of the sudden emergency and what kind of fate is waiting for Hui Rou?
 It draws the glamorous world of the Northern Sung Dynasty with scripts, excellent shooting techniques, delicate and rich sets and glittering costumes which will bring viewers to ancient China.
<South Korea> Crash Landing on You
Crash Landing on You
Broadcaster tvN(Korea) / Netflix(Global)
Broadcast Period December 14, 2019 - February 16, 2020
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
70 min. x 16 episode
Director Jung-hyo Lee
Scriptwriter Ji-eun Park
Cast Bin Hyun
Ye-jin Son
Ji-hye Seo
Jung-hyun Kim
Awards / Information :

- 56th Baeksang Arts Awards -
   Best Supporting Actress / Popularity Award / Bazaar Icon Award
- 15th Seoul International Drama Awards 2020 -
   Best Mini-series / Outstanding Korean Drama / Outstanding Korean Actress

 After a paragliding mishap, Korean heiress to a conglomerate Yoon Se-ri, falls in North Korea. There she meets and falls dangerously in love with North Korean Army Officer Ri Jeong-hyuk.
 The South Korean passport can get you anywhere. With the passport, one will be able to visit 187 countries without a visa. However, there is one country very close from home where you cannot go with it. Although we share the language, skin complexion and deep roots, it is a curious country we cannot meet. A strange and intimidating country. Therefore, we are even more curious – about their everyday lives and the people.
 Son of a high official in North Korea, Ri Jeong-hyuk is a rigid, principled army officer. Although he seems to have a personality of an army officer since he was young, he was in fact a pianist who studied abroad in Switzerland. However, when his brother passed away, Ri had to become a soldier in his place. One day living as a soldier he meets Yoon Se-ri who literally falls from the sky. His life changes when she enters his life.
 Yoon Se-ri, is the youngest daughter of a Korean conglomerate (chaebol). When her elder brothers fought for their lives to be the heir of their fathers’ company, Se-ri was more interested in launching her own fashion line “Seri’s Choice” which turned out to be a her success. Stocks skyrocketed, and sales soared. Se-ri never experienced a downfall: all until she took the paraglide that led her to fall in North Korea.
<Thailand> Krong Kam (Repercussion)
Krong Kam (Repercussion)
Broadcaster 3 HD
Production Company Act Art Generation Co.Ltd.
Broadcast Period February 26 - April 30, 2019
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
150 min x 19 episodes
Director Pongpat Wachirabunjong
Screenplay Yingyot Panya
Cast Mai Charoenpura
Ranee Campen
Jirayu Tangsrisuk
Thakrit Tawanpong
Chanatip Phothongkam
Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong
Denkhun Ngamnet
Pitchapa Phanthumchinda
Oranate D. Caballes
Preeyakarn Jaikanta
Awards / Information :

- The 11th Nataraja Awards 2020 -
   Best Drama / Best Director / Best Script / Best Leading Actor / Best Supporting Actress /
   Best Casting Team / Best Musical Song
- The 34th TV Gold Awards 2020 -
   Best Screenplay / Best Director / Best Actress in the leading role

 Filled with love, greed, revenge, and power struggles, this Thai period drama follows the domineering mother Yoi and her four sons. Yoi believes that her family's success and happiness can only be achieved by planning and controlling their lives. However, her plans to marry her first son Patom to the educated Pilai go awry when he returns home from military service with Renu, his pregnant wife whom he met at a night club. Enraged, Yoi casts the couple aside to live in a rundown house, instead forcing her second son Prasong, despite being ordained as a monk, to marry Pilai to preserve his mother's reputation. Yoi and Pilai continue to hate Renu, however, leading her to turn to dark spells for help.
 As Yoi's younger sons become involved in the conflict, jealousy and greed cause the situation to worsen, creating a vicious cycle in which no one is spared. Marriages are cancelled, suicides are attempted, and Renu's dark spells seem to be taking effect. To break this cycle, they must confront the truth and choose compassion over hate. But who will make that choice? And what repercussion will the family have to face?