J Series Festival

Indonesia 1st event

The first project took place in Indonesia!

■J Series Festival in Indonesia2015

  • Date: June 6th,(Sat) 3pm start
  • Venue:UPPER ROOM(Jakarta)
  • Number of participants:900 approx.
  • Japanese cast:Yuki Furukawa, Mirei Kiritani ,VALSHE、Doll☆Elements
  • Indonesian cast:JKT48

Many fans were waiting in line
long before the door opened.


Right in front of the entrance of the hall, Japan Tourism Agency, Japan National Tourist Organization and JETRO set up Japan tourism booths and promoted the tourism to Japan.


The door opened at 14:30. The hall was filled with fans,
indicating the high interest in Japanese content.


The hall was full!
We really appreciated it.


Finally, it started at 15:00.
The stage decor was created for the image of origami,
paper-folding art, which was the motif of "J Series Festival" logo.


When "CUL" the vocaloid who did the opening act appeared on screen, the hall was filled with loud cheers.


Coming next was the showcasing of Japanese drama series. Indonesian students in Japan appeared in the video. They showed digests of a wide variety of Japanese drama series and talked about their attraction. Audience exhibited enthusiastic response to each and every one.


Then, we moved on to the talk session. Representing Japanese actors/actresses, Mirei Kiritani, a popular actress in TV drama series, and Yuki Furukawa, who appeared in “Mischievous Kiss” which was a big hit in Greater China and South East Asian countries, came on stage in big cheers, stirring the hall with enthusiasm.


We had them talk about their impression of Indonesia
as well as Japanese drama series.


Audience giving big applause to Mirei and Yuki,
suggesting their popularity.


Live music performance followed. The first performer was "Doll☆Elements" who appeared in "WAKUWAKU JAPAN", a program of an Indonesian pay channel. They sang "Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau (Cherry Blossom Hovering over You)" and “Kimi no Omoi Todoketai (Wishing to Convey Your Heart)”.


Coming on stage as the second performer was "VALSHE". She sings the theme of "Detective Conan", a Japanese cartoon series popular in Indonesia as well. She sang "Butterfly Core" and "Kimi eno Uso (Lie for You)".
The excitement of the audience went up to its peak with these familiar songs.


They were using the fan provided at the venu
e and enjoyed the live performance.


The last performer was an Indonesian pop idol "JKT48".
They are as popular as AKB48 is in Japan.


At the end of the event,
we threw a surprise program.


We offered the chance to take photographs with our guests
as well as prizes from Japanese companies.


"J Series Festival" in Indonesia, the second one after Thailand,
finished with great success.


Mirei, Yuki and Doll☆Elements appeared live in a popular Indonesian TV program "dahSyat" on the morning of the event.
They promoted the event to the Indonesian audience.


We’d like to express a big thanks to everyone!