J Series Festival

Thailand 1st event

The first project took place in Thailand!

■Implementation of a large scale kick-off event

  • Date: March 17th, (Sun) 3pm start
  • Venue: Siam Pavalai Theatre, Siam Paragon(Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Number of participants:1000 approx.
  • Japanese cast:Miho Kanno, Junnosuke Taguchi(KAT-TUN), Tokyo Girl’s Style, PIKO
  • Thai cast:Opal, Panisara Pimpru (DJ/Actress/Personality), Bo, Thanakorn Shinkool /
    (DJ/Actor/Personality)、Keng, The Voice(Musician)

There were many fans who could not get into the theater.
We set a mini stage and screen there so that they could still enjoy the show.


The space outside of the theater was packed with people!


There was a group of Thai fans with a banner written in Japanese to welcome the TV star “Junno” (Junnosuke Taguchi).
He is highly polular in Thailand!


Many people enjoyed taking pictures in front of this picture panel.


The ticket winners entered into the theater from this gate.


The stage set was designed with a concept of “Wa”.
The center of the stage was decorated with glittering golden “Fusuma” (traditional Japanese sliding doors.)


The show started with an introduction by ”CUL” the Vocaloid!
Her welcome performance cheered up the audience.


When CUL put magic on the screen… Voila!
A digest video of Japanese TV dramas began.
Loud cheers rose every time when a close-up shot of Japanese actors and actresses appeared on the screen.


After the digest video, we proceeded to the long-waited talk event.
The audiences became very excited when they saw the silhouettes of Kanno and Taguchi on the sliding doors!
Then they came on to the stage.


The presenters of the show were Opal and Bo.
They are both very popular actress and actor in Thailand.


Kanno and Taguchi entertained the audiences by telling their impressions of Thailand and behind-the-scene stories of making Japanese dramas.


After the talk event, we had live music.
The first performance was by a Japanese artist PIKO who plays internationally.
He was welcomed by a lot of Thai fans.
PIKO sang “Yumehana” and “Kotonoha” which made the audiences super-excited!


The second performer was a Thai singer Keng who performed ”What’s My Name” “Ain’t no sunshine” and “Tossakan Mana” .
His songs boosted the energy of “J Series Festival”.


Our last performer was a Japanese idol group “Tokyo Girl’s Style” charming the stage with their cute song and dance.
They sang “Futari-Kiri” and “Onnaji -Kimochi” in which the auduences danced together with the idol group.


At the end of the show we had a “surprise event”.


The lucky 6 audiences chosen by a lottery were invited to the stage to take a photo with all the guests of the event.
They also got stuffed toys of the Japanese TV mascot characters.


The theater still remained full of people after the show.
Many fans waited outside of the theater to greet the casts.


The event ended up in a great success!
We’d like to express a big thanks to our Japanese guests Miho Kanno, Junnosuke Taguchi, PIKO, Tokyo Girl’s Style, and our Thai guests Opal, Bo, and Keng!