J Series Festival

Thailand 2nd event

The second project took place in Thailand!

■J Series Festival in Thailand2014

  • Date: November 15th,(Sat) 3pm start
  • Venue:Siam Pavalai Theatre, Siam Paragon(Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Number of participants:1000 approx.
  • Japanese cast:Hideaki Takizawa, Haruna Kawaguchi, bless4, Idolrenaissance
  • Thai cast:Opal, Panisara Pimpru (DJ/Actress/Personality),
    DJ Aong /(DJ/ Personality)、SongkranThe Voice(Musician)

Our second event, just like the last one,
received many fans who could not make it
to the inside gathering around the hall!


Drawing to buy today’s tickets was held at the special stage outside the hall.
Many fans gathered there, and it was so crowded.


Fans welcoming Mr. Hideaki Takizawa who visited Thailand for the first time in 10 years, with a Japanese banner.
They have been waiting for this moment for 10 years,
and were very very excited.


Many fans took pictures in front of
the panels of Japanese dram series.


This year’s stage decor was, again,
designed with the “essence of Japan” as the theme.


The opening act of CUL the vocaloid was
choreographed with a touch of Japanese autumn.


We used the applause meter to excite the audience.


As CUL casted a spell on the screen, the digest of the latest and popular Japanese drama series showed up.
Audience gave out enthusiastic cheers, and had a lot of fun.


After the drama digest, was the talk session by leading actor/actress of Japan. This year, we had the honor to welcome Hideaki Takizawa and Haruna Kawaguchi. As they appeared on stage, the audience gave rapturous cheers to them.


Master/mistress of ceremony were Thailand’s popular celebrities,
Opal and DJ Aong. Their nimble hosting boosted the mood for discussion.


Mr. Takizawa and Ms. Kawaguchi gave their impression of Thailand and the inside story of Japanese drama series. The audience enjoyed great deal.
The drama series Mr. Takizawa stared, “Antique” and “Yoshitsune”, were aired in Thailand and very popular. And “Midnight Bakery” was recently aired as well. Mr. Takizawa talked about his acts on TV and stage, and Ms. Kawaguchi told the audience of her appearance in “The Files of Young Kindaichi Neo” which also was aired in Thailand.


What followed was the introduction of Japanese information programs aired in Thailand. We showed a program in which a popular Thai talk show host introduces connoisseur’s trips in Japan and the one offering a lot of information on Japanese cosmetics and the comparison of Japanese and Thai makeup.


Now is the time for the live music performance.
First performer was a popular Thai singer, Songkran. He sang two songs.


Idolrenaissance performed next.
They energetically sang “Hatsukoi (First Love)” and “Seventeen”,
agitating the whole audience.


The last performer was bless4. They sang “Sosei no Aquarion” and
“Let’s Have a Party”, both popular in Thailand.


With “Let’s Have a Party” playing,
the entire audience rose and started dancing.


At the end of the event,
we threw the audience a surprise program!!


We had a lucky draw and offered autographs of the casts,
mascots of TV stations as well as the chance
to take a photograph with casts!


Just like the previous event,
a large number of local media came over,
and we had great coverage on TV, newspapers and magazines.


The fans stayed after the event
and saw the casts off with big cheers.


This was our second event, and we finished all programs in great success again!
Thanks to all of you!