J Series Festival

Thailand 3nd event

J Series Festival 2016(Thailand)

Established in 2013, J-Series Festival is a new international project for promoting Japanese broadcast content such as TV drama to the audience abroad. The past festivals that took place twice in Thailand and once in Indonesia were greatly successful. In June 2016, we organized the 3rd large-scale promotional event in Thailand. The summary goes as follows.

1. The Grand Promotional Event

J Series Festival
  • Date:June 4th (Sat) , 2016
  • Time:15:00
  • Venue:Siam Paragon “Siam Pavalai Theater”(Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Participants:Approximately 1000
  • Cast:Yuko Oshima(former member of AKB48), Daiki Arioka(Hey! Say! JUMP)Akamaru Dash☆, MICHI
On June 4th, We hosted a boom up event of Japanese broadcast content in Siam Pavalai Theater at Siam Paragon, Bangkok, featuring Japanese TV actors and musicians. The venue was filled with approximately 1000 Thai audiences. This time, we invited Yuko Oshima (former member of AKB48), Daiki Arioka(Hay!Say! JUMP), Akamaru Dash☆ and MICHI as guests. The past two J Series Festivals already brought higher awareness of Japanese content to the Thai audiences. The theater was crowded with local fans, who were excited to take snapshots in front of the J series festival panel.
Before opening
14:30 Door open- BEAJ video screening
15:00 Opening(Vocaloid CUL)-Digest video(approx.30min)
The event comprised of the following contents: 1. Introduction of Japanese TV dramas 2. A talk show by Japanese actors 3. A program about Japan in collaboration with BEAJ 4. Music performance 5. Surprise event. As usual, the vocaloid CUL livened up the stage by her dance performance. Then she gave a cue to start an introduction of Japanese dramas. The PR videos of 20 drama titles were screened for about 30 minutes.
<Titles for digest screening>
NHK Sanada-maru/Here comes Asa/Moribito-guardian of the spirit
NTV he Most Difficult Romance/Goodbye Ghosts!/We’re Millennials. Got a problem?/The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami
TV ASAHI GOOD PARTNER/Wise and Foolish/Sumika Sumire
TBS Sleepeeer hit!/99.9 Criminal Lawyer/PLEASE LOVE ME!/YAMEGOKU-HELPING COP-
TV TOKYO NIGHT HERO NAOTO/Medical Investigation Team-Reveal the truth of medical accidents-/TOKYO SENTIMENTAL
FUJI TV Love Song/From Five to Nine/ Love That Makes You Cry
This time, we produced video messages of the 3 leading actors (Sota Fukushi, Yutaka Takenouchi, and Jun Matsumoto) among the drama titles, and aired in the beginning, during and after the screenings. The audience gave wild cheers especially when they saw them. The excitement during the screenings of each digest videos as the popular actors appeared on the screen became a proof that the audience was having a good time.
Video messages by the leading actors
Sota Fukushi
Yutaka Takenouchi
Jun Matsumoto(Arashi)
Sota Fukushi
Yutaka Takenouchi
15:35 MC(DJ DADA(left)and DJ Aong(right))
15:40 Talk show(Yuko Oshima,Daiki Arioka)
 Yuko Oshima and Daiki Arioka appeared on the stage after the screenings of the digest videos, surrounded by loud cheers from the audience. The discussions were focused on the topics about the dramas they played, impressions of Thailand, and charms of Japanese TV dramas.
16:00 BEAJ/JNTO(An introduction of Japanese tourism programs and an event organized by the Japan Tourism Agency)
A digest video featuring 6 programs about Japanese tourist spots and culture was screened the section of the introduction of Japan with BEAJ. The video was funded by a supplementary budget from Japan’s Agency of Internal Affairs and Communications. The production was done by a collaboration between Japanese and Thai broadcast stations. In this section, a Fuji TV announcer Daijiro Enami, also a sightseeing ambassador of “Thai Visit Japan” gave a speech about the digest video program. Enami himself was featured in the video too. He was known in Thailand when he reported the coup d’etat that happened in 2014. The video was also screened 30 minutes before the event.
16:15 Music Performance
An anime singer MICHI performed two songs, followed by an idol group Akamaru Dash☆who sang two songs with their high-spirited dance. The audience cheered up the stage waving the uchiwa-fan (provided at the entrance) which featured a logo of the J Series Festival.
Akamaru Dash
16:35 Surprise(Photo sessions with the mascots and guests/ Akai Kitsune)
The event concluded with a surprise which invited the audience to take photos with the mascot characters of the Japanese broadcast companies and the guest artists. Sponsored by Toyo Suisan, an instant noodle soup named “Akai Kitsune” (Akamaru Dash☆ appears in its TV commercial)was presented to the audience by a lottery. The festival turned out to be a great success.
16:50 Ending-Photo Session
17:30 Reception
After the event, a reception was held with the government officials from Japan and Thailand, parties from Thai broadcasting companies and journalists from the major press companies.

 <Guest speech>
  • Hajime Shigemura, Vice Chairman&EP, International DRAMA Festival in Tokyo
  • Pol.Col. Taweesak Ngamsanga, NBTC The Broadcasting Commissioner
  • Akihiko Uchikawa, Minister of Economic Section Embassy of Japan
  • Mabito Yoshida, Deputy Director-General of the Information and Communications Bureau
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Hajime Shigemura Vice Chairman&EP,International DRAMA Festival in Tokyo
Pol.Col. Taweesak Ngamsanga NBTC The Broadcasting Commissioner
Akihiko Uchikawa Minister of Economic Section Embassy of Japan
Mabito YoshidaDeputy Director-GeneralOf the Information and Communications Bureau Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Hajime Shigemura
Vice Chairman&EP,
International DRAMA Festival in Tokyo
Pol.Col. Taweesak Ngamsanga
NBTC The Broadcasting
Akihiko Uchikawa
Minister of Economic Section
Embassy of Japan
Mabito Yoshida
Deputy Director-GeneralOf the Information and Communications Bureau Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

2.Interviews by Thai broadcasting companies

Several Thai broadcast stations interviewed Yuko Oshima and Daiki Arioka, who promoted the concept of J Series Festival and Japanese TV dramas. The interviews were aired on each station, which turned out to be the effective advertisement to bring awareness of the event even after it ended.

<The list of broadcast stations and programs>
True Vision/MONO 29/MCOT/Satzone Channel 7/Iteenclub GMM

3.Collaborations with BEAJ, JNTO, ad RIAJ

We collaborated with the organizations related to the event as it was done in the past years. With BEAJ, a screening of their program was done as a part of the section to introduce Japanese TV programs. With the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the distribution of leaflets about Japan tourism was made outside of the theater. During the festival, we also announced an event organized by JNTO in the end of June. We worked together with the Recording Industry Association of Japan select the guest artists for the J Series Festival.
Leaflet distribution
Introducing JNTO event

4.Audience survey

A survey of the J Series Festival audience about their interest in Japanese media content (especially TV drama) was conducted during the event. We received answers from a total of 613 people. According to the result, 96 percent knew about the past 2 J Series Festivals in Thailand. All of them commented that they gained much more interest in Japanese TV programs and music through participating in the event. Furthermore, the survey indicated that Japanese TV dramas were quite popular in Thailand, and the audience generally gave high ratings to the J Series Festival and Japanese TV programs.
♦ Age group
♦ Gender
♦ The festival marks its 3rd year, but Did you know about the past two J Series Festivals?
♦ Did the participation in the event change your interest in Japanese TV programs and music?
♦ What is your favorite TV program genre?(check all that apply)
♦ What is your favorite Japanese TV drama genre?(check all that apply)
♦ Which country of TV drama is the most popular in Thailand?(check all that apply) 
♦ What do you expect for the future J Series Festival ※free answer 
Hi-Touch 103
Meet & Greet 95
Take photos with artists 67
Mini Concert 32
Get Prize from Artists 32
More activity in Twitter 29
More bigger place 19
More activities 13
More time in activity in theater 12
Play game with artists 12
Other opinion included “Introduction about drama’s locations”“Watch all the episodes”
(Supplementary)Questions about BEAJ program
♦ Have you seen the programs related to Japanese tourism, fashion and gourmet that we introduced in the event?
♦ Did those programs related to Japanese tourism, fashion and gourmet increase your interest in Japan?