J Series Festival

What is J Series Festival?

1. What is J Series Festival?

“International Drama Festival in Tokyo” has implemented the PR activity of Japanese content mainly for buyers in overseas content trade shows. For a further spark of “Japan boom” abroad, we need more active promotions of Japanese content: the promotions develop not only in buyer-to-buyer based overseas content trade shows but also in the buyer-to-customer based overseas business engaging with the local public audience. On the basis of this idea, International Drama Festival in Tokyo started a new promotion activity titled “J Series Festival” in 2012.
“J Series Festival” holds large-scale events to promote Japanese content mostly in overseas and appeal directly to the local people. The events consist of showing the digest version of Japanese TV dramas, talk shows with actors and actresses in dramas and music performances to make the local people be interested in Japan. Besides the events, the Festival uses gimmicks to get the local public informed at large through the local broadcasting and so on. In the immediate future, Asian countries are mainly targeted because of the cultural familiarity and the potential for distribution.
It is important to continue these efforts, not to leave as only a temporary event. Therefore, a plan is laid out to deploy and put continuous efforts to the “J Series Festival” for the further boost of the popularity of Japanese content in Asia. The distribution of content produced by broadcasters leads to the “distribution of Japanese culture”. We intend to expand the efforts with a view to the whole content industry as well as the promotion of Japanese products.

2. Collaboration of J Series Festival and Cool Japan Events

In collaboration with other Cool Japan events, we try to carry out programs to enhance the capacity of communication. For example, in Thailand, “Japan Weekend” was held within the “J Series Festival” in November 2014. The event was co-promoted by our government and the private sector to deliver the messages of Visit Japan and Cool Japan in collaboration with tourism, music and broadcasting content.
For the event, we collaborated together with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC), Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) for maximizing the synergetic effect. We made every effort to hold the events coinciding with each other at the same time and place and operated the collaborative PR activity.

Also, at the joint press conference, we jointly promoted the “Japan Weekend” to the local media.

 What is J Series Festival?

Moreover, we try to develop more effectively in Indonesia, too. For its realization, we collaborate with “WAKUWAKU JAPAN” that is a TV channel specialized in Japanese content for overseas broadcasted in Indonesia, “J-Music LAB”, the project of Japanese music promotion run by Recording Industry Association of Japan, the Visit Japan campaign by Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization, and the Japanese-affiliated company campaign by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

 What is J Series Festival?